Fun Guac Stuff

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Guacopedia Guacamole’s history is as rich as its flavor; learn the ancient secrets of guacamole, find delicious recipes, and get tips for how to make your guac the best, courtesy of Avocados from Mexico.

Avocado Science Fair Projects The science fair gets yummy when guac’s involved! Check out these project ideas for junior scientists, courtesy of Avocados from Mexico.

Holy Squawkamole Guacamole Give la gallinita roja’s tasty recipe a try—chili pepper optional!

Japanese-Inspired Guacamole An Asian twist on the classic; recipe courtesy of Calavo.

Caribbean Guacamole Mango and pineapple give this guac a fruity flair; recipe courtesy of California Avocado Commission.

Mexico Fast Facts Cool info and pix from your friends at Nat Geo Kids.

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Holy squawkamole! More Mexican dishes to devour with guacamole! Have you tried any of these?

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